About us

The Taste ITaly project combines expertise in the fields of marketing, public relations and management with passion for the Italian culture, broadly defined.


The profound awareness of the Mediterranean customs, regional products and reality of life in the Italian Peninsula allows us to better understand our clients’ needs and offer them the best solutions possible.

With many years of knowledge and experience in the Polish business environment, including the wine and food industry, we are capable to reach out to the intended target groups.

In our work, we maintain the highest professional standards and always pay attention to the detail. As we closely monitor market trends, we are able to quickly adapt to resulting changes.

Also, we are co-founders and co-owners of the most dynamic portal dedicated to the wine culture in Poland - Winicjatywa.pl.


Taste ITaly is the innovative solution for all companies looking for professionalism in action combined with an individual approach.

Anna Smaga-Trzaskalska

A graduate student at Leon Koźminski’s Academy in Marketing & Management and International Business. She never thought she would have a career in the wine industry. Previously she worked as a Product Manager at Philips and for a Public Relations agency for few years, and finally she decided to go independent – she created a (boutique) wine store. Starting in 2005 she’s been running a winery and wine store called WineCorner, situated in the Warsaw district of Mokotów. At the beginning of 2014, she decided to focus solely on developing the TasteITaly agency and her website Winicjatywa.pl. Her website which she co-owns is exclusively dedicated to wine. Anna's passion for wine was transmitted to her by her parents. She became familiar with the Italian culture during multiple trips to the Italian Peninsula and whilst on her internship at a HR Agency in Milan. She’s fluent in Italian and English. Currently, she spends every moment of spare time with her two sons: Jaś and Adaś.


Beata Gawęda

To sell wine, one should understand it and know it like a good friend. Beata Gawęda was raised among the wines; she’s always worked with them and hoped she would be able to put the best (Italian) labels on the Polish tables one day. She did it, by putting all her energy and experience into the Vini e Affini brand, she founded after she moved back to Poland. The importing company first conquered the restaurants in Warsaw, and then won the hearts of Polish wine-lovers. Apart from the best Italian labels, she offered them something else: in 2012 she had the idea of an innovative and professional wine portal. She’s a co-founder and a co-owner of the Winicjatywa.pl. Shortly after its launch, the website became the most important on-line source of information about wine in Poland. The website features articles both of educative and lifestyle character, as well as organizes wine and food events (tastings, conventions and others).

Beata travels the length and breadth of Italy in search of young and fascinating winemakers, trying to convince those with an established reputation that the Polish market could be a new and lucrative area in the wine industry. They are one of the reasons behind the creation of TasteITaly, the agency promoting the Italian culture in Poland.

Full professionalism in action and 100% of feminine nature – this is TasteITaly!

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