Importers wine & food

For the „Wine & Food” importers
Integrated marketing communication for the brands already present on the Polish market

Public Relations


Positive relations between the brand or the product and the consumers are the key to success. TasteITaly targets its activities to the final customers, by joining forces with producers and distributors. By using all available channels of promotion, we create a coherent and positive image of our clients, increasing the request for their products and services. We maintain good relations with wine journalists and “Wine & Food” bloggers.


Brand management


Brand management involves commitment and sense of responsibility. All activities in this field require precise analysis of the business environment and internal processes. TasteITaly provides their clients with the information necessary for both offensive and defensive action, enabling the decision-making process. We develop marketing plans and strategies of introducing brands to the Polish market.


Social media marketing


In the XXIst century social media have become the main instrument of marketing activities. It’s always the closest people’s opinions that we trust the most, which is why we reach for the products they recommend in the first place. By engaging social media relations with the purchasers, we manage to win their trust and confidence in the product. TasteITaly clearly makes its presence in the network by entering in relationships with other Internet users. (We also offer the service of developing and hosting our clients’ blogs.)


Events and festivals


Massive events offer opportunity to reach big target groups with the product or to reposition the product. TasteITaly keeps up to date with the current and future events, contributing to the most interesting ones. We try to be in all places, where the important things happen. We also hold all kinds of wine tastings, expositions, conferences, as well as trainings and professional sommelier courses.




By associating a brand or a product with a specific event or a person, we increase their effect on customers. TasteITaly explores such fusions, full of energy and passion and tries to find unusual individuals who promote quality products.


Product placement


Wisely placed product remains in the viewers’ memory for a long time, regardless their beliefs or habits. TasteITaly finds for their clients discrete, yet effective and informative solutions.


Sale supporting programs


Promotional events in selling points, restaurants and wine bars
Direct communication with the customer is very important for the brand development. Promotional events held at selling points contribute to increasing the client’s commitment. TasteITaly offers promotional activities across the whole country, oriented on both small and big target groups.

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